We are B-LAC

The Black Learners Advisory Council

The Black Learners Advisory Council was adopted by the Chula Vista Elementary School District located in Chula Vista, California. This council was started because there was a need to address what was happening with our Black/African American students who were overall underperforming on academic achievement tests and being suspended 3 times more than any other ethnic group in the district.

We have started this blog with the hopes that it will inform, encourage, and bring greater awareness of the experiences and obstacles that our Black/African American students and their families face.

We hope you will be a partner with us as we tell our stories, develop strategic partnerships and promote Equity and Excellence for all students in our care.

Chula Vista Elementary School is committed to ensuring that EACH CHILD is an INDIVIDUAL of GREAT WORTH!

Join us for our first General Meeting of 2021-2022 on Zoom Thursday, August 26 at 6:00 pm. You must Register Here.